January 2014

If all who say they are coming do so,  Monticello Raceway is currently just one driver short of having an eight horse field for its “Not-So Presidential” Pace on Presidents Day, February 17.

“To recap…eligible drivers are those whose surnames are the same as former U.S. Presidents,” noted   Eric Warner, Monticello Raceways director of racing.  “With a possible, or maybe probable, seven saying that they want to drive in our race we’ll have a contest although I’d really like to have eight in the race.”

There’s a saying that the decision of the judges is final and it took the judges to determine the winner of Monticello Raceway’s 14th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pace on Tuesday, February 21.


A racing infraction was the subject of the study and the judges used the powers vested in them to determine that the driver (Dennis Watson) of first horse under the wire, Lakers Vett, had gone inside a few pylons on the final turn which caused the disqualification.


Quietly and without much fanfare Jimmy Devaux continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Last year the former Mighty M driving champ, competing both here and at Saratoga Raceway, reined  413 winners which ranked him 19th in races won in North America.

   Director of racing, Eric Warner, announced today that qualifying races this week at Monticello Raceway will be on Thursday, January 23 at 10:00AM.


The entry box will close at 11:45am on Wednesday.

The actual birthday of great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is January 15 although America will celebrate his accomplishments on Monday, January 20 in order to have a three day weekend. And even though Monticello Raceway recently added January 20 to its racing schedule the track will still  go with its tribute to the great civil rights leader on Tuesday January 21 as had been previously advertised.

During the month of February four American presidents were born and their memories will be honored -- along with the 40 others-- on the National Holiday of Presidents Day, Monday, February 17. Those born on the second month of the year include:  Ronald Reagan (Feb. 6), William Henry Harrison (Feb.9) Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12) and George Washington (Feb. 22).

On President’s Day Monticello Raceway will have its own tribute to our U.S. presidents with the ‘Not-Quite Presidential’ Pace, a special race to be driven by drivers whose surnames are the same as any of our presidents.

Lookout Bruce Aldrich, Jr; don’t look over your shoulder, Jimmy Marohn, Jr. There’s a new kid on the block and he’s hungry for winning races. He’s Jason Ryan and he’s got talent.


On the muddy card of Tuesday, January 14 Ryan broke out and reined five winners.


Asked if he moves up when he drives on a muddy track Ryan answered, “Not particularly, but I get along alright when it rains especially if my horses can go forward.”


Shawn Wiles - Bob Lounsbury - Bruce Aldrich Jr.

Recently, Monticello Raceway GM, Shawn Wiles, (left) presented the 2013 leading trainer award to Bob Lounsbury  and Eric Warner, director of racing,(right) gave the leading driver award to Bruce Aldrich, Jr.  Aldrich’s 450 wins here was tops among drivers and Lounsbury’s 202 training victories led all other local conditioners.


With the permission of the New York State Gaming Commission, Monticello Raceway will add Monday, January 20 and Monday, February 17 to its live racing schedule.

“Since we had to cancel a few racing days due to adverse weather conditions we applied for, and were granted, racing programs on Martin Luther King Day in January and on Presidents Day in February ,” noted  track general manager, Shawn Wiles.

When Monticello Raceway presents its 14th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pace, a race which features the talents of African-American drivers, last year’s champ, Dennis Watson, will be back to defend his title.

This year’s MLK Pace will be presented on Tuesday afternoon, January 21 and it will not only be Monticello Raceway’s annual tribute to the great civil rights leader, but the race will be the first leg of the tracks 2014 Heritage Drivers Series.