Usually securing drivers for Monticello Raceway’s Passover Pace has never posed any problems. But this year things are different. Although the’ Race for the Matzos’ was originally advertised to  be raced on March 28 it will now be presented on  Monday afternoon, April 1, the next to last day of the Passover holiday.

“You ask why the date change,” offered Eric Warner, the tracks director of racing . “It’s simple, we couldn’t get enough drivers for the race on March 28. Passover comes early this year and that date falls during ‘Spring Break’. It seems that many of the drivers who had planned to compete found themselves not being able to because of family commitments. Some will be with their children in Florida and they told me that if the date is postponed until after the weekend they will be able to drive. Now with the date changed to  April 1, I’m hopeful we’ll have a full field of drivers.”

Defending champion Alan Charles is set to go and with the date change it frees-up former Passover Pace winners  Bob Hechkoff and Mark Liebowitz. And on that Monday Peter Kleinhans will be able to again drive in the event.

However, l Warner will need eight drivers of Jewish heritage to fill the race. Any driver who fits the criteria and has either a Full or Provisional license from the United States or Canadian Trotting Associations is urged to contact Warner in the racing office by calling 845-794-4100x557; or contact the publicity office at ext. 455.