Shawn Wiles - Amy Stackhouse - Tim Conklin

Amy Stackhouse, of White Lake, NY, has been named the 2013 Employee of the Year at Monticello Casino & Raceway. She has been an E.M.T. with the casino since 2008 and also works as a security guard .

“Amy has been a reliable, professional employee who voluntarily obtained her security license so she could assist with all aspects of the security department,” noted Eileen Cavanaugh, the director of human resources. “Her actions of professionalism when taking the lead as an E.M.T. are highly commendable.


“She performs her duties with professionalism and a great amount of compassion and handles highly stressful situations calmly and with certainty.”


Home-schooled in Pond Eddy, NY, Ms. Stackhouse’s expertise and calm demeanor while performing her EMT duties has saved lives.


She was presented the award at a the facility’s Employee of the Year Banquet on Dec. 16 and she was surprised that she prevailed over the 11 other Employees of the Month.


” I really didn’t expect to win so I was  definitely shocked when my name was called,” Amy said. “ I was surprised that I could win award for just doing  my job. But please, don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud to be Employee of the Year.”


“Monticello Casino & Raceway, it’s employees and guests are extremely lucky to have Amy on the job,” Eileen Cavanaugh added.