Last year Monticello Raceway pioneered a day where all races were driven by amateur drivers. Dubbed All- Amateur Day the afternoon race card was well received .This year a second All Amateur Day will be presented on the added Friday program of July 13th and again all races will be driven by amateur drivers.

“We weren’t slated to race on that Friday but we added the date so we could be part of the Back to the Track national harness racing promotional weekend,” noted raceway GM Shawn Wiles.”

Although, not an uncommon event in other countries, each of the pari-mutuel races on that afternoon card will feature some of the best and most experienced amateur drivers in North America.


Joe Faraldo, along with Bob Krivelin and Alan Schwartz ,are organizing this year’s events which will again include a division or two of the Billings Harness Driving Championship.

Besides Krivelin (132 wins), Schwartz (480), and Faraldo (135) also set slated to drive on All Amateur Day are:  Kelly Walker (62), Steve, Oldford (60), Tony Verruso(42),  Peter Gerry(79), Bob Hechkoff (34),  Dave Offenberg(35) , George Bonomo(32), Vladimir Melnichenko (31), Dave Yarock(34),  Bob Troyer(63), Gerry Fielding (61), John Campagnuolo(30),  Joe Pennacchio(128) and Scott Woogen (105). Included too, are Michelle Ruvola (33) and Terry Donnelly(18).

We currently have 19 outstanding amateurs who are set for the  competitions  on July 13 but we’d still like to get one more,” noted Joe Faraldo, a longtime  amateur driver and president of the North American Amateur Drivers Association who’ll bring 135 wins to the competitions.

The combined win total of the competing amateurs is currently 1514 with Alan Schwartz’s 480 leading the way.

“All drivers are putting up $1000 which will supplement the purses and guarantee them each four drives ,” Faraldo noted. “They will also get a voyage on Thursday, July 12th around Manhattan-- with dinner-- included  on the World Yacht which will make a stop at the Statue Of Liberty before returning to port on New York City’s  lower west side.

“And after the races on Friday the group will be invited for dinner at the Old Homestead Restaurant  in nearby Bridgeville, NY.”

According to Faraldo two sportsmen, Ebby Gerry Jr. and Malvern Burroughs, have also donated to the All Amateur Day coiffeurs.

Hall of Famer  Ebby Gerry, Jr.  is also the president of the Harness Racing Museum  and  Malvern Burrough  is one of only two amateur drivers to ever win the famed  Hambletonian.

Any amateur driver with a full or provisional license interested in joining the others on All Amateur Day he or she is urged to contact Faraldo at  or call him at 718.544.6800.

Post time for the July 13th card will once again be at 12:50pm