The Irish, the Jewish, the African-Americans, the Germans, the Brits, and even the ladies, now have a representative in Monticello Raceway’s final of the Heritage Drivers Series as a result of winning their ethnic preliminary legs earlier this year. And after a winner is declared in the track’s Godfather Pace slated for Wednesday, October 23 so will the Italians.

Mike Forte won  last year’s Godfather Pace with  Velvety Smooth over True Gritty and driver Rock Vinci  in a series fastest 1:58.2.

Jimmy Marohn –who knew he had Italian blood in his veins- not only won the previous Godfather Pace with Just Trouble  1:59  but he also  reined  Flying After Midnight to a  2:01.4 in 2010. Other previous winners in the race for drivers of Italian descent include Eddie Lohmeyer and Hall of Famer Cat Manzi.

“This year’s Godfather Pace will be the seventh leg in our series of races for drivers of different ethnicities,” noted Eric Warner the track director of racing. “We have a few locals who fit the criteria but I’m still looking for enough Italian-American drivers  to fill the race.”

Besides Forte , Marohn, and Vinci,  Warner was probably referring to Antonino Butttita  and Johnny Desimone, Jr.  each of whom are  having good seasons this year, locally.  But, as always, in order to get a full field Warner will need a total of eight drivers for the Godfather Pace.

Currently he is in the process of seeking drivers for the Godfather Pace. Anyone with Italian heritage interested in competing, or for further information, please call Warner in the racing office at 845-794-4100 ext. 557; or call the tracks publicity office at extension 455.