When Haroun Hanover won for the 16th time this year at Monticello Raceway one just had to check the finish line photo where the tote board odds are displayed-- as can be seen in the accompanying picture --to put  Haroun Hanover  race, and season for that matter,  in perspective.


In that photograph the tote board odds on the number one horse, Haroun Hanover, can be seen as 1-9, and the pacer certainly has the respect of the betting public. Besides his 16 victories, which is second best in North America behind Tracys Song’s 19 wins, Haroun Hanover also has five seconds and two thirds in 25 seasonal starts.


On Tuesday afternoon June 25th driver Jimmy Marohn, Jr. had no trouble getting the pacer home first  in a time of 1:57.1.


In the contest Haroun Hanover started from the pole position but he was looped on the first turn by Fuguzzi and driver Bruce Aldrich, Jr. However, as soon as the field straightened in the backstretch Marohn moved his pacer to the front and once on top they cruised to an easy three-length triumph over Fuguzzi. Third place went Classic Camelot driven by Zeke Parker.


“Strangely, for the past month or so it’s either been raining or it begins to rain—like it did today—when Haroun goes to post. And he loves  it when it rains,” trainer Danny Gill  said about Haroun Hanover who has a strong penchant  to be in high gear every time he’s on the race track .


“He was and O-fer (no wins) when we got him late last year and now he’s got 18 wins with us. I believe we’ve had a little luck with him because we jog him and don’t tow him as others have done. We take him out very early in the morning when no one else is around and even then he’s hard to pull-up (stop).


“But the way he’s been racing we can put up with his non-sense.”