Owners and trainers of lesser caliber horses know how hard it is to race regularly during the winter season at Monticello Raceway. During this time of the year when other racetracks are dark the Mighty M gets a glut of horses that can’t do at the bigger tracks.

But director of racing Eric Warner has the solution.

“So in order to give locals—and others-- a chance to race every week we have come up with three late closing events aimed at $4,000 claimers and/or non-winners of$250 per start; one  for pacing mares and one for  pacing horses and geldings, and one for trotters,” Warner said.

Beginning on Mondays in February and continuing on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the month the late closing events will be part of the daily programs.

On Mondays there will be races for claiming mares at $4000 and similarly on Wednesdays there’ll races for horse and gelding pacers with a $4000 price tag. Each division of the three legs for both gaits will go for $3000 purses. Then, with a few exceptions, on Thursdays $5000 claiming trotters and/or non-winners of $250 per start in their last six outs get in the spotlight . They’ll race for $3500 per division.

However, the claiming races for the pacers have an interesting hook.

“”Horses are eligible to be claimed in the first leg for $4000. In the second leg owners can name their own claiming price, either $4000 or-$5000, with the higher priced drawing for the outside positions. Then in the third leg claiming prices range from $4000to $6000 again with the higher priced drawing outside,” Warner explained.

The nomination fee to each event is just $100 with the pacing finals goings for $3500(added) and the trotting final for $4,000 (added). And if enough enter there will  be consolation races for each series. Nominations close on January 30, 2013.

To enter a horse in any of the three series, or for further information, please contact Warner in the race office by calling 845-794-4100x557.