When Bruce Aldrich, Jr., Jimmy Marohn, Jr and Jimmy Devaux finished driving on the afternoon program at Monticello Raceway on Tuesday, November 12 they didn’t leave much for the other drivers.


Aldrich notched yet another five –bagger and both Marohn and Devaux each reined a pair of winners on that 12-race card. But perhaps more importantly, especially for those who keep the stats, the trio of Mighty M drivers is all in the top 25 in races win in North America.


With his five wins on the Tuesday program Bruce Aldrich Jr now has driven  536 winners—4th best on the North American leaderboard— and after  Marohn Jr.’s  driving double his seasonal win total  is now 362—18th on the list. And with his two winners, Devaux  now has  347 driving victories which ranks him 21st  in races won this season.


Both Aldrich and Marohn, Jr drive for the top trainers   here; Aldrich handles Bob Lounsbury’s charges and Marohn , Jr. drives  almost exclusively for top trainer  Danny Gill. Devaux is left picking up catch drives, and with his penchant for wining, his getsto pick the best that are available although it’s hard to tell if his mounts  are as good as the betting public sends them off at ,or are they at considerably lower odds because of Devaux’ s talents?


Of Aldrich’s five wins, three races for Lounsbury, whose 167 winners here is second best here this year to Danny Gill’s 182, and Marohn’s two victories came with horses from the Gill barn. Devaux  reined winners for trainers  Dave Barrett and Jack Sheehan.


On another note, Gill’s 182 training wins ranks him 7th in North America in races won by horses from his barn and Lounsbury’s 167 winners is 8th best in North America.


Amazingly, Lounsbury’s .503 UTR is tops for trainers who have started 300-499 times this year. And Gill’s. 402 UTR leads all trainers who have started 500+ times.


However, it must be noted that even though Monticello Raceway is each of the aforementioned drivers home base they also compete at other racetracks. Both Aldrich and Devaux are currently racing at Saratoga Raceway and are in the top five