Just this past week Monticello Raceway has received confirmation from Monica Thors, Sherry Cushing, and Jody Riedel who have responded to the Mighty M’s call for drivers and will join the others in Monticello Raceway’s 11th annual Lady Godiva Pace slated for Monday afternoon, May 13; one day after Mother’s Day.
Monica Thors will take time from working on her production of her harness racing documentary “I am a Harness Racing Horse’, to don her colors again after a short hiatus.
Her documentary, which Monica produces and directs, takes an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the care, training, versatility and history of the harness racing horse.
“I haven’t driven in a few years but I will join the ladies who will be racing in the Lady Godiva,” Ms. Thors said. “I think it is important that races for women drivers continue.”
Former two time Lady Godiva driving champion, Jody Riedel (2003 & 2006), has consented to rejoin the race again this year.
In recent seasons Ms. Riedel has mostly been training and racing her own stock and has been very successful while putting her driving skills on the back burner.
“I’d read where they (Monticello Raceway) needed drivers to fill their race so I called and told them I’ll drive in it again this year,” Ms. Riedel said.
Also consenting to drive in the Lady Godiva and coming all the way from the state of Maine will be Sherry Cushing, the top female driver on Maine circuit for the past few years.
Cushing —then Sherry Urquidez- won the 2005 edition of the Lady Godiva and during her days here she also was one of the best outriders ever at Monticello Raceway, and for that matter, in all of harness racing .
An excellent horse woman, Sherry’s abilities were and are, also on display whenever she’s in a sulky. Since she’s moved to Maine she has accumulated 276 driving victories and has won annual awards as the top female driver in the Pine Tree State.
“It’s a long way to go to drive a horse but I can renew old acquaintances while I’m there in Monticello,” said Ms Cushing, who’ll be starting college soon to become a nurse.
Thors, Riedel, and Cushing will be joined in the Lady Godiva by Whitney Goodblood, Terry Donnelly, Veronica Merton, Karyn Malinowski and defending champion, Lisa Krom.
The Lady Godiva Pace will be the fourth leg on the Mighty M’s Heritage Drivers Series-2013. The winner of the race will represent the gentle sex in the series finale, dubbed the All-America Cup, later this fall.