Originally slated to be raced in late September Monticello Raceway has rescheduled its annual Munich Mile for Wednesday, October 2.

That race, for drivers of German descent, will be the sixth event in the tracks year long Heritage Driver Series

“When we found out that a group of amateur drivers from Germany  would be here to race some NAADA members on October 2nd we backed our Munich Mile up a week or so, with the possibly of having four actual Germans in it this year,” noted Eric Warner the tracks Director of Racing. “It’s not yet official if the visiting Germans will want to participate but we certainly hope they will.”

As guests of the North American Amateur Drivers Association a small contingent of Germans, which includes four amateur drivers, will be  in the States to race against their U.S.  counterparts  at three tracks during the first week of October and since they’ll be racing against drivers from NAADA  here  on Wednesday, October 2  and general consensus was that that the Munich Mile would be more attractive if true German drivers  would participate.

Last year one actual German, Wim Paal, drove in the Munich Mile and finished fifth. Unfortunately he won’t be in the states to drive again this year but the race’s defending champ, Mike Merton will be.

Last season Merton set a series record of 1:58.3 when he drove Romi Mystic to victory.

Warner has heard from a few possible local entrants but he says there still will be room for a few more drivers of German heritage.

Anyone fitting the criteria and interested in more information, or to possibly drive in this year’s contest, is urged to contact Warner in the race office by calling 845.794.4100x455. Or they can call the track’s publicity office at extension 455.