It was bound to happen and it did today (February 11) when director of racing, Eric Warner, opened the entry box for Thursday, Valentine’s Day at Monticello Raceway and  found he didn’t have enough drivers to make a full field for  the track’s 11th annual Lady Godiva,  the race strictly for lady drivers which was to be the  second leg of the Mighty M’s Heritage Drivers Series-2013.

“Maybe the recent span of inclement weather kept the ladies from entering or maybe there were conflicts with the Thursday date, but whatever it was we didn’t have enough drivers  to make a betting race ,” Warner said. “I’m surprised since we’ve been offer this race annually and have been filling it since 2003.”

However,  Warner is not disenchanted.

“We’ll card  the Lady Godiva later this year in mid-May around the Mothers Day Holiday. I’m quite sure we’ll fill the race then.”

Many phone calls were made to potential and former participants but to no avail. Some of the ladies were in Florida while others said our date conflicted with qualifying day at the Meadowlands. Others who usually come in from Maine are digging out from Nemo, the devastating Nor’easter that dumped nearly two feet of snow on the Pine Tree State.

“Sure we’re disappointed but we’re not discouraged.  I’m sure we’ll have a race for  the ladies in May when the weather gets good,” Warner added.

The tentative new date for Monticello’s Lady Godiva  will be Monday, May  13, one day after the Mothers Day Holiday.