During the month of February four American presidents were born and their memories will be honored -- along with the 40 others-- on the National Holiday of Presidents Day, Monday, February 17. Those born on the second month of the year include:  Ronald Reagan (Feb. 6), William Henry Harrison (Feb.9) Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12) and George Washington (Feb. 22).

On President’s Day Monticello Raceway will have its own tribute to our U.S. presidents with the ‘Not-Quite Presidential’ Pace, a special race to be driven by drivers whose surnames are the same as any of our presidents.

With the two Washington brothers--Cedric and Dennis--as Mighty M regulars the raceway has a leg up with two possible starters.

However, the pool of possibilities is comparatively small and although David Carr of the United States Trotting Association provided a list of 70, or so, drivers with presidential names most aren’t close to the Monticello area with a huge number from faraway Canada.

“It’s going to be quite a hard job to fill the race because we’ve got a limited pool of drivers to draw from,” noted Eric Warner the tracks director of racing. “But we moved a bit closer recently when I received confirmation from Don Hoover and Howard Taylor.”

Hoover is currently the racing secretary at Saratoga Raceway and a former professional driver and Taylor is a prominent horse owner and occasional driver. Hoover has driven 179 winners while Taylor  finished first  54 times.

“We have a good start but we’ll need eight drivers to fill our race,” Warner added.

Any driver who fits the criteria of having a presidential surname and would like to have more information, or possibly enter in the “Not -Quite Presidential” Pace on Monday,  February 17, (Presidents Day), is urged to contact Warner in the race office by calling 845.794.4100ext.557; or they can contact the tracks publicity office at ext. 455.