Monticello Raceway top trainers Danny Gill and Bob Lounsbury have light heartedly taunted one another for months as to who’ll be the leading trainer and for most of the time Gill, with more horses in his stable than Lounsbury, was the on top.

Although he constantly trailed, Lounsbury would tease Gill with “I’m gonna catch you” to which Gill would reply with; “if I can’t out-train you I’ll out- start you” referring that had more horses racing than his friendly adversary.

When Gill, and his wife Brenna, went on their annual vacation to Disney World in early December Lounsbury warned Gill that he shouldn’t go. “When you’re away I’m going to take over the lead,” he told him.

But with an 18-race lead Gill felt confident that he’d still be on top when he returned two weeks later.

However, while he was gone Lounsbury could do nothing wrong. His horses seemed to win three or four races on every race card and his wins began to add up so from time to time he’d call Gill in Florida and tease   him by saying “you better hurry home or I’ll be on top”.

While Gill was away Lounsbury’s horses were on a tear winning 29 races and when he returned Gill found himself trailing.  Now, with just four race cards remaining Lounsbury’s 198 wins are eight more than Gill’s 190.

Last year Gill won the training title harnessing 118 winners while Lounsbury was fourth best with 86 but now Lounsbury is poised to win his first training title, although in the past he has copped the top training percentage award on a few occasions

Both talented trainers have incredible stats this year.  Starting today (Dec. 26) Lounsbury’s horses have   198 wins, 105 seconds and 69 thirds in 535 starts for an almost unbelievable .522 UDRS (percentage)

Gill’s numbers are great, too. His 190 wins in 743 starts are joined by 124 seconds and 118 thirds for a hefty .401 UDRS.

Both trainers mainly race claiming horses with Lounsbury’s best, Tracys Song, racking up 21 wins this season and Gill’s Haroun Hanover copping 20 victories against his competition.

Win or lose both gentlemen have had  great seasons and continue to remain friends despite of the  warring words.. And although their Mighty M stats are tremendous  their numbers rank them one-two in percentage on the North American leaderboard  for trainers whose horses have started 500+ time this year.