Amateur racing produces strange bedfellows. Take Steve Oldford for instance. The manufacturer’s rep from Crosswell, Michigan had one of his trotters entered in the first leg of the North American Amateur Drivers Association’s Charity Trotting Series at Monticello Raceway on Thursday afternoon, February 21.

Nothing odd there you say? Well take this into account: Oldford left his home in Michigan at 4a.m to make 6am flight directly to Newburgh, NY where his trainer Alan Sisco picked him up and shuttled him to Monticello Raceway, some 40 minutes away.

And the inconvenience of the excessive travel was certainly worthwhile when Oldford won the NAADA Trot with his Oliver Kiss.

Asked why he did what he did Oldford smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said:“What’s the big deal. I fly all over in my business. Just last week I traveled through much of Mexico selling my products and I have so many frequent flyer miles so to fly from Detroit to Monticello to drive in an amateur race is no big deal to me. Now I’ve got to catch a plane back to Detroit at 5pm.”

Although Oldford returned with the trophy his victory included some luck. Sitting third along the pylons as the field turned for home Oldford got lucky when a racing infraction disqualified Mandinga ,the first horse under the wire in a 2:04.2 clocking.

The DQ of Mandingo, driven by Alan Schwartz, allowed for Oliver Kiss and Oldford to be placed first. Guiding Light and Dave Yarock were placed second and Ace High Hall and Bobby Krivelin—the horse Schwartz’s trotter interfered with—was placed third.

“Hey, call me whatever you want,” a smiling Steve Oldford said after the race. “ I’m addicted to amateur racing and I admit it!”

Oldford owns Oliver Kiss who paid $13.40 for win.