It isn’t often that Monticello Raceway gets a chance to have the leading driver in North America compete here. However,  that will change on Wednesday, November 20th  when  the Northfield Park sensation Ronnie Wrenn Jr. takes a trip to the Mighty M to compete in the track’s  final leg of it Heritage Drivers  Series, the Maple Leaf Mile, for drivers of Canadian heritage.

At last count Wrenn has driven 597 winners and has 416 seconds and 360 thirds in 2665 starts with a  UDR of .363. Wrenn’s win total is some 26 more than runner-up Dave Palone’s 571 and 56 more than Tim Tetrick’s  541.

Wrenn has been racing mostly at Northfield Park although one day a week he’s been traveling to Batavia Downs  to compete there.

He recently called the Monticello Raceway publicity office and offered to race in the Maple Leaf Mile.

“My dad called me and said Monticello is looking for drivers of Canadian heritage and since we have Canada in our background why don’t you give them a call he told me, which I did, “the younger   Wrenn related.

“ I  told their publicity office that  I’d to come to Monticello and drive (in the Canadian race) but I think you can understand it’s a long drive from Northfield to Monticello but if I can get quite a quite a few drives that day I’ll be there. Just please let me know if that’s possible.”

Eric Warner , the Mighty M’s director of racing  thought that Wrenn’s request was reasonable.

“We’ll do our best to get him (Wrenn) as many drives as possible that afternoon,” Warner said when the question was posed to him. “Of course  we’ll need the cooperation of the local trainers but with Wrenn’s record and talent I don’t think there will be too much trouble finding  drives for him. At least I hope not.”

If Wrenn decides to come he’ll be competing against some talented local drivers whose background goes back to Canada in one way or another.

Among those Warner has already received confirmation from include last year’s winner, Jimmy Devaux, and two recent  members of the local colony, Jason Ryan and  Aaron Byron. Warner also said that  Jacques Primeau and Keith Haase  can be counted on but he still needs eight driers to fill the race.

Anyone of  Canadian heritage  would would like to drive  in the  Maple Leaf Mile,  is asked to contact Warner in the race office  by calling 845.794.4100x557. Or they can contact the tracks publicity department at ext. 455.