In what turned out to be a new track record performance, Tracys Song scored her 16th consecutive victory at Monticello Raceway on Monday afternoon, May 20 when the 8 year old pacing mare toured the double oval in a time of 1:57.3, once again with Bruce Aldrich, Jr. at the controls.

Her victory erased the former mark of 15 wins in a row set by Northern Chief and driver Mike Merton in 2010.

With her victory Tracys Song continues to lead North America in races won this year.

The mare’s trainer, Bob Lounsbury wins plenty of races from his barn and is sometimes known to be boastful as he was in Tracys Song previous outing. This time, however,  Lounsbury wasn’t as confident of his mare’s chances to win.

“I was a little doubtful  today because  there was one in there (the race) that could be trouble (for us). Alkait Fighter (the number two horse in the race)was parked to the half last week and won handily in 1:57.3,” explained the usually confident trainer. “And I was a little concerned about her (Alikait Fighter) being inside of us (in the two hole), too.”

When the wings of the mobile  starting gate folded  there was a mad rush for the lead between Eagle Hilarious, driven by Greg Merton from post four , and Tracys Song who left from the five hole.

“I  saw what was in the makings  and I didn’t like it so I really hustled Tracy toward the front and we cleared Greg and took the lead on the first turn,” Aldrich said. “We were getting out of there at a pretty good  clip so I tried to put breaks  but we still got by the quarter  in :28 and piece.”

From that point Greg Merton kept Eagle Hilarious on  Aldrich’s back  and they were one-two past the half in :58.4

Then in the lower turn  Jimmy  Taggart, Jr. moved Alikait Fight to the outside and they made  short-lived challenge as Tracys Song sped away from both them and Eagle Hilarious.

On the final turn Tracys Song opened up her now patented three length lead and with a 29 second final panel Tracys Song and Bruce Aldrich Jr. finished two lengths ahead of Alkait Fighter and with their victory they had the Mighty M track record all to themselves.

“This is some kind of race mare,” Aldrich said while trying to hold back his enthusiasm. “ I’ve been around  a long time and can’t remember a horse  ever winning 15 times in a row, much less 16 times. Wow, think of it, she hasn’t lost a race in four months.”

Aldrich was again joined in the winner’s circle by Lounsbury and owner Nancy Fugere, who was choked up with tears of joy.

“Oh my God,” she started, and had to regain her composure before she could continue. “I can’t believe it. I’m completely speechless. “

Sent off at 35-cents on a dollar Tracys Song paid $2.70 and $2.10. There was no show wagering.

It was another big afternoon for Bruce Aldrich, Jr. He won five races on the card—two for trainer Lounsbury—and his current win total of 214 ranks him sixth in races won on the North American  leaderboard this season.