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 By John Manzi for USHWA
She’s known as “Hurricane Hannah” because she has taken amateur racing by storm. This year, in her first full season of driving, and overwhelmingly against male counterparts, Hannah Miller has won 32 races and will finish with a .425 UDR in 118 drives, and for her prowess the United States Harness Writers Association has unanimously named her the National Amateur Driver of the Year.  And Hannah is the first woman to win this award.

On Thursday afternoon December 3rd at Monticello Raceway, James Taggart Jr. won 5 races on the card, this capped off a productive week for Taggart.  During the course of the week Taggart won 13 races, including a 4 bagger on Tuesday.
James won the 2nd,  4th , 7th,  8th  and the 10th and final race of the card with Amazing Quest for trainer Robert Lounsbury in 1:57:1. Taggart currently ranks in 2nd place for the most wins with 244, trailing Bruce Aldrich’s total of 371, Jason Ryan holds a 1 win lead over Larry Stalbaum (190 -189)

~~Bruce Aldrich Jr. wins his 6000th at Monticello Raceway
By Shawn Wiles

Monticello Raceway has postponed qualifiers until Thursday beginning at 10:00 am. We will draw them tomorrow. The box closes at 11:45

~~The Monticello-Goshen Chapter USHWA held its 57th annual awards banquet for the third consecutive year in Middletown, N.Y., at The Fountains on Sands Road on Sunday (Nov. 22).
Honored were the outstanding efforts -- both human and equine -- at Monticello Raceway and Historic Track this year as well as prominent individuals for their contributions to the industry.

 from the Monticello Goshen Chapter USHWA
Each year since 1959 the Monticello Goshen Chapter USHWA has held an annual awards banquet to honor prominent people in the sport as well as the exploits of the local horses and horsemen who compete at Monticello Raceway and Goshen Historic Track and over the years, from the monies raised from those banquets, the chapter has donated tens of thousands of dollars to both Historic Track and the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame.

By John Manzi for NAADA & the Catskill Club

With the blowing wind and the intermittent rain making an awful afternoon for racing at Monticello Raceway professionals and amateurs alike had to be at the top of their game just to navigate the muddy racetrack. Arguably, going was the toughest for the participating amateurs who rarely drive during  these kind of circumstances.

On Veteran’s Day , Nov. 11,at Monticello Raceway two local amateur driving clubs  made donations to the local veterans food bank in Monticello. Both the North American Amateur Drivers Association and the Catskill Amateur Drivers Club each donated $1000 to help feed their less fortunate veteran brothers.

Accepting the checks was Kathy Kreiter, the program administrator of the Sullivan County Veterans Food Bank of Monticello which is combined with the  Sullivan County  Federation  for the Homeless.

by john manzi for the Billings Series and Catskill Amateur Club Series

~~Amateur Driving Clubs to Donate to Local Food Pantry