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Due to the aftermath of a major storm coupled with the extreme frigid temperatures racing has been canceled for this afternoon

Racing will resume Monday January 6, first Race going to Post at 12:25pm

Maureen Flynn

There was a time in racing when all legal pari-mutuel wagering was done on-track. But as the mid-60’s British pop duo of Peter and Gordon sang during their heyday “that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone”.

It’s no secret that off-track wagers are important and an integral part of any racetracks pari-mutuel handle. Off track wagers are always combined with on track bets and that becomes the combined betting handle.

Due to the pending snowstorm, which will include high winds and frigid temperatures, Monticello Raceway has cancelled its Thursday, January 2nd live racing program.

“Racing is scheduled to resume on Friday. (Jan. 3) First post will be at 12:25pm

The inimitable Yogi Berra is known to have said “it ain’t over til it’s over” but regardless of what the Yankee’s Hall of Famer stated, put a circle around the names of driver Bruce Aldrich Jr. and trainer Bob Lounsbury as they are well on the way of winning their individual titles even though the curtain hasn’t come down on Monticello Raceway’s 2013 season.

Aldrich and Lounsbury have been lethal together this year and both have been enjoying their finest seasons of their careers

Monticello Raceway will open the 2014 season with a race card on Wednesday, New Year’s Day followed by live programs on Thursday, (Jan 2) and Friday, (Jan 3) during the first week of the month.

After that, racing throughout the remainder of January will be on a Monday through Thursday basis   except that on Monday, January 20-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-- the raceway will be dark..

All post times during the month of January will be at 12:25pm.

Monticello Raceway will present its 14th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pace on Tuesday, January 21 in spite of the fact that the nation will celebrate Dr. King’s birthday on Monday, January 20.


“Since we don’t race on Sundays and there’s no live racing on Monday, January 20th it was decided that we will honor Dr. King’s memory on Tuesday, January 21,” said Eric Warner the tracks director of racing.


It’s not like it was totally unexpected but Monticello Raceway’s Au Revoir, the race exclusively for 14 year olds who will be forced into retirement on January 1, 2014, failed to attract enough entries.


“When we opened the (entry) box this morning we only had three entries,” noted Eric Warner, the tracks Director of Racing.” Actually I was somewhat surprised because we worked hard on filling the race and there seemed to be quite a lot of interest.”


Monticello Raceway top trainers Danny Gill and Bob Lounsbury have light heartedly taunted one another for months as to who’ll be the leading trainer and for most of the time Gill, with more horses in his stable than Lounsbury, was the on top.

Although he constantly trailed, Lounsbury would tease Gill with “I’m gonna catch you” to which Gill would reply with; “if I can’t out-train you I’ll out- start you” referring that had more horses racing than his friendly adversary.

Monticello Raceway maybe one horse closer to having a field for the Au Revoir, the race exclusively for  14 year olds on Monday, December30.

“I recently heard from Joe Rayll who said he was going to enter Hez Da Man N in our Au Revior,” related  Eric Warner the tracks director of racing.

Monticello Raceway has cancelled its Monday, December 23rd race card.


“Due to an unsafe racetrack caused by the unusually warm winter temperatures in our area so for the safety of  everyone concerned, we cancelled our live race card today,” noted Eric Warner, senior director of racing.


No racing is scheduled on Tuesday December 24th, and with no racing on Christmas,  the next card at the Mighty M will be on Thursday, December 26.