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Two divisions of the ninth and next to last leg of the North American Amateur Drivers Association’s (NAADA) summer trotting series were contested at Monticello Raceway on the hot and steamy afternoon of Thursday, August 11 with Dr. John Kokinos and Alan Schwartz each victorious in their respective divisions. Kokinos won his split with Cassa’s Image in a 1:57 clocking while Alan Schwartz copped the other with Imacrazynewyorker in 1:59.

Barry Hanover sets Track Record, Morrill Jr. Win’s 3

By Shawn Wiles
On Monday afternoon August 8 at Monticello Raceway, 2 year old pacing colts will be the center of attention, this is the 5th of 8 legs of the New York Sire Stake circuit.  On tap on the card is 3 splits of the regular Sire Stakes and 3 each of the Excelsior A and B classes.  The Sire Stake vie for $35,866 per division, the Excelsior A’s race for $15,000 and the Excelsior B’s go for $6,700. 

By john manzi for NAADA and the Catskill Amateur Club
When “Hurricane Hannah” Miller returned to the Monticello Raceway paddock after her driving victory with Histoire Enternelle on Thursday (August 4)  she handed the lines to trainer Nick Surick and said “It was a good day”, and by all accounts it certainly was for the nation’s leading amateur driver.

By John Manzi for NAADA
The seventh of ten legs in the North American Amateur Drivers Association’s (NAADA) trotting series was presented on Thursday, July 28 at Monticello Raceway on a hot an steamy afternoon and when the events were finalized Bob Kenney and Bob Krivelin each emerged victorious in their respective splits. Kenney won with Come And Tell Pap in 2:00.3 while Krivelin eeked- out a victory with Permanent Joy in a 1:58.3 clocking.

by john manzi for CADC and NAADA

By John manzi for the CKG Billings Series

Still the granddaddy of all amateur racing organizations, the CKG Billings Series reached the halfway point in its 2016 Eastern Region season and on Thursday, July 21 the top eight series point-earners convened at Yonkers Raceway to compete in the $14,000 Eastern Region #1 Final. And fittingly, the top point earner in Billings action thus far this year, “Hurricane Hannah” Miller, added yet another driving victory to her outstanding resume when she guided Jacks To Open  to a 1:58.4 victory.

by john manzi for the Billings, NAADA and Catskill Amateur series

If you think amateur racing isn’t an integral part of the sport don’t tell Monticello Raceway’s director of racing Eric Warner because he just won’t believe you.

On Friday afternoon, July 6 Warner carded six betting races for amateur drivers; two in the CKG Billings Series, two in the NAADA Trotting Series; and two in the Catskill Amateur Club’s Series. Many of  the participants are members of all three organizations.

On Tuesday afternoon July 12 at Monticello Raceway, 2 year old filly trotters will showcase their talent.  Race Secretary Eric Warner drew 5 divisions of Sire Stakes, each with a purse of $21,800, 3 dashes of the Excelsior A events racing for $15,000 and 1 Excelsior B class going for $6,800.  This is the second stop of the New York Sire Stake circuit for many of these fillies, the opening leg was held at Buffalo Raceway last week.