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It isn’t often that Monticello Raceway gets a chance to have the leading driver in North America compete here. However,  that will change on Wednesday, November 20th  when  the Northfield Park sensation Ronnie Wrenn Jr. takes a trip to the Mighty M to compete in the track’s  final leg of it Heritage Drivers  Series, the Maple Leaf Mile, for drivers of Canadian heritage.

– According to the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Trotting Association, the governing body of the Standardbred sport, less than two percent of all horses racing are 14 year olds and when they become 15 years of age on New Year’s Day they can no longer compete regularly in pari-mutuel races.


The final preliminary event in Monticello Raceway’s year-long Heritage Drivers Series will be presented on Wednesday afternoon, November 20 with the Maple Leaf Mile, a race that features drivers of Canadian descent. The winner of that race will join the winners of the seven other prelims in the series finale in early December, dubbed the All-American Pace.


Currently the raceway’s director of racing, Eric Warner, is in the process of seeking drivers of Canadian descent to compete in the Maple Leaf Mile.


Four years ago the Monticello-Goshen Chapter USHWA named an award in honor of the late Hall of Famer and former chapter president, Phil Pines.  Since then there have been some worthy recipients and this year’s beneficiary, Derick Giwner, is no exception.


Now the Italian Americans have someone to cheer for in Monticello Raceway’s Heritage  Drivers Series finale after Rock  Vinci  drove  Southwind to an easy 2:00 triumph in this year’s  Godfather Pace on Monday afternoon, August 27th .


The race, which featured drivers of Italian extraction, was the seventh  leg of the year-long series and now Vinci e will join the winners of the previous preliminary legs in the series final, dubbed the All-America Cup, later in early December.


Mike Forte will handle the favorite in Monticello Raceway’s Godfather Pace on Tuesday afternoon, October 29, but in order to have a repeat victory in the event he’ll have to win with Kevin’s Apple from the eight hole.

The Godfather  Pace, for drivers of Italian ancestry, will be the seventh leg of the Mighty M’s Heritage Drivers Series.

Last year Forte guided  Velvety Smooth to an event record time of 1:58.2. This year he pins his hopes on the Dave Barrett-trained pacer who owns a seasonal mark of 1:58.2.

Beginning Monday, November 4 and continuing throughout the remainder of the year all post times for the live racing cards at Monticello Raceway will be at 12:25p.m.


The raceway will continue with its 4-day-a-week schedule throughout the month of November  with racing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Something occurred yesterday (Oct,23) at Monticello Raceway that brought back memories to longtime harness fans. If one happened to be around the sport in late 1970’s and early 1980’s they may have recalled a pacer by the name of Super Kris.


Super Kris was anything but super. Spotted locally and proclaimed to be the world’s perennial loser, Super Kris was cited for losing 85 races in a row and he became somewhat of an industry celebrity as the world’s biggest loser.


After Bruce Aldrich, Jr. notched his sixth win in the 10th race on the Monticello Raceway card of Tuesday, October 22 he was contacted in the paddock and asked if he ever won six races before to which he replied; “I won six a couple of times here at Monticello over the past few years. I still have two more drives and if I get lucky enough to win again it’ll be the best day I ever had.”


When the Monticello –Goshen Chapter holds its 55th Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday evening, November 17 at The Fountains in Middletown NY the Mighty M’s Senior Director of Racing, Eric Warner, will be the recipient of the scribes Good Guy Award.